Photo Corner



Here are just some of the heavy hitters Larry has met in his 20+ years of boxing. *Click on any photo to enlarge.

Roberto Duran @ Mountaineer Race Track prior to fight night.

Not talkin' grills with George Foreman

My pal, Matthew Saad Muhammad. He and I read my RING SPORTS article about his induction into the International Boxing Hall of Fame.

I've been in the ring with both, Michael Spinks and Joe Frazier and neither has laid a glove on me!

"Venus Flytrap" from WKRP in Cincinnati. Tim Reid meets me in the ring at Kahunaville in Wilmington, Delaware. summer 2000

A young Larry with Carmen Basilio

Al Certo, Kabary Salem, Mustafo Hamsho and Larry in Allentown, Pennsylvania

Larry Holmes and Larry in Allentown
Shane tells Larry how he is going to beat Oscar. (2/00) Enjoying a laugh with Aaron Pryor and Larry's former fight manager, Dave Ruff. At the Hall of Fame in 1997.
Reminiscing with Dwight Muhammad Qawi. Talking with former Featherweight Champion, Kevin Kelley at the International Boxing Hall of Fame.
Keith and Zab get Larry laughing in Atlantic City. Say Hey. The 4th heaviest hitter in Major League history with a guy who might get one softball HR a year!
With Laila Ali at the press conference after she defeated Jacqui Frazier. June 2001 Alice Cooper's nightmare has us shaking in the Summer 2001.
No bull, Jake was nice to this youngster!! Gene Fullmer and Larry at the Hall of Fame.
Boom Boom Mancini at ringside with Larry Larry's debut at the Blue Horizon with promoter, Greg Robinson and Alberto Santiago
Veteran ref and Philadelphia favorite, Frank Cappuccino June 2004 with former WBO Lightweight Champ, Acelino Freitas
Rasheem Brown (mdlweight), Larry, Former 2-time Heavyweight champ, Tim Witherspoon, Lt. Heavyweight Prince Badi Ajamu, 6-time world champion, Emile Griffith and Super Middleweight, Jameel Wilson in Philadelphia. August 2004 Photo courtesy of Mike Baluk. At the Blue Horizon a week after Bernard defeated Oscar, 2004
Oh, the stories!!! Marvin Johnson, Yaqui Lopez, Eddie Mustafa Muhammad and Matthew Saad Muhammad. Reunion 2005 it's good to be the king!!
The Larry Tornambe bobblehead! Taken from the TV during an ESPN2 broadcast
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