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Presenting Larry Tornambe


Larry spent 10 years as a radio announcer, followed his passion into boxing announcing and has appeared on several TV fight broadcasts, including Comcast Sportsnet, Service Electric Cable, Blue Ridge Network, RCN Cable, GoFightLive.tv, mcnsports.tv (as ring announcer and blow by blow commentator), and ESPN2.

During those years, Larry twice interviewed Matthew Saad Muhammad. The quality of the talks impressed Matthew, his trainers and his manager, Joe Johnson. Johnson later gave Larry his start in ring announcing.  Tornambe has also performed for John Karoly's 4 Corner Promotions (upon the recommendation of Sonny Mistretta),Cradle to Champions Promotions, Fistacuff Promotions, 12th Round ltd. (Dave Escalet), Duva Boxing, Nick Tiberi Boxing, Greg Robinson's Power Productions, Ronnie Branch Promotions, Dee Lee Promotions, Damon Feldman Boxing Promotions, 5 For Life Entertainment, KA Promototions (Karieem Abdallah), NIT Management, FingerSpoon Promotions (Tiim Witherspoon and Mike Fingerman), Marshall Kauffman's King's Promotions, Bionic Bull Promotions, Dave Tiberi's TNT Boxing and First State Boxing Series, Dover Downs Promotions, Nedals Promotions, Capital City Promotions, Spartan Fight Promotions, Russell Peltz boxing, Don Elbaum, Vernoca Michael and the Legendary Blue Horizon Boxing Promotions. 

After being a fan since the mid-70s, Larry began boxing in the late 80s and made his pro debut in 1993. The ring announcing career picked up shortly thereafter and Larry now trains to stay in 'tuxedo fit' shape.

RING SPORTS Magazine and Larry were introduced at an Induction weekend at the International Boxing Hall of Fame. They learned that Larry is a regular at the Blue Horizon in Philly and they acquired him to write fight recaps and to add his ringside seat to Atlantic City.

Secondsout.com started in the fall of 2000 and Larry was one of the first American writers put on the staff.  In late 2002, Larry moved to the quickly rising Boxingtalk.net.  Larry is now a contributing writer to BoxingScene.com.


Larry's Mission Statement

"Wow, I have been involved in boxing for more than 23 years and I still enjoy it very much. I have met some fantastic people and have experienced some memorable moments. It's still a thrill to meet some of the guys I watched fight when I was just a fan. I do admit to having a passion for the game and I think that really helps me in ring announcing. I know the game, its rules, its participants and its legacy. I wanted to get this website running to really let the promoters get to know something about me on their time. Now they can really understand where I am coming from and to realize I am ready for the big time promotions. If they allow me to announce their shows, they'll be happy; I'm sure of it.

I have heard so many ring announcers screw up decisions and mispronounce names every time they announce a card! I don't understand why a self-respecting promoter would continue to cheapen his/her show like that. It yanks the credibility away from that announcer and sometimes the whole promotion. I've proven to be the fellow promoters can turn to for a solid, smooth and professional performance."

Larry Tornambe